A Little About Me

My name is Brette Guilmette. I am a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Craft Beer Enthusiast. I have a passion for beautiful design and I am the kind of person who will spend the extra $2 cause the

typography or graphics are just stunning. Judging a book by its' cover is kind of my job.


I have experience in logo design, branding, illustration, catalog design, email design, e-Commerce websites, and social media management. I also do freelance work in my spare time. Many of my freelance projects include logos and branding, though I also receive illustration commissions from time to time.


My work has been recognized with multiple award nominations and wins, including a Merit Award in the HOW International Design Awards in 2019, two LOUIE Awards in 2017 and 2018, and a Trendy Award in 2016.


I have a small Etsy shop where I sell pins and patches. I enjoy illustrating for fun and for my Society6 shop when I am not working on freelance projects. When I am not designing or illustrating I am usually watching Netflix (Netflix, please bring back Ancient Aliens), hula hooping, listening to podcasts about true crime and the paranormal, or drinking craft beer.


If you’d like to work together I would love to hear from you! Contact me here!

Englewood, CO | bg@bretteguilmette.com | (860) 406-1920

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